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“Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.”

– Dieter Rams –


My name is Ana, I was born in Madrid back in 1992. I was raised in México City and since 2011 I live in  Barcelona. I came here to study a Global Design course in IED and then I went to Elisava to study my Design Degree. In the last years I studied interior and branding design as my specialty.

I always have been a very curious person; I really like to analyze things and people’s needs. As a designer I am convinced that great designs can change people’s way of living and make things easier.

I’m passionate about retail and branding design. Even though I consider myself pretty global, I am able to do interior, product and graphic design. Until now I work in HAWKERS retail department as a designer. Developing and directing the projects of stores since the brand took a leap from the online channel to the offline channel.

In the design team I like to contribute with ideas to develop concepts and come up with great solutions, it doesn’t matter if something seems impossible there is always an answer to maintain the essence of ideas.