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The concept of this project is based in an article about the twenty first century lifestyles that we found on the Scenario magazine. According to this article people is changing their ways of living. Nowadays it’s very common to find people living alone all around the world. Young people like to experiment a nomad kind of lifestyle, the number of divorces is increasing, and because of the internet people is able to work form home which gives them freedom to move and settle anywhere. Loneliness is the new common trend.

This is why we thought in developing a space where people could be alone without feeling lonely. E_102 is a place were people find comfort, offering the possibility of renting a limited zone just for them selves located in Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona. Were they are able to choose design items to put inside. They also have access to the bar that offers things to eat such as snacks, things to drink, music, and things to touch, as it can be a pillow. E_102 is an exclusive place that is constantly in change, a space that reinforces individuality within a group environment.


Accompanied Solitude concept

Category: Interior design | Retail design | Global design

Design Team: Mariana Corvacho, Ana Escudero, Cristian Paredes.