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We were asked to change the MACBA’s museum identity. For this project we focused not only in the museum itself, but also in it’s context. This museum is located at “El Raval” a neighborhood with a lot of life and young people in the center of Barcelona.

After a deep analysis of the space, we gathered all the signs of identity and values from “El Raval”. MACBA is quality, respect, white, calm, silence, serious, secure, cold and majestic. From another side side MACBA is dynamic, sociable, noise, life, exchange and leisure. So we conclude that MACBA is the mixture of this two perspectives, it’s day and night and this is what it’s identity should look like.

We took 24 hrs as concept. Inspired by neon signs of 24 hrs shops, we played with a fluor color palette and chose rounded typography for the logo.


24 hrs concept

Category: Graphic design | Branding design

Design Team: Maiana Babot, Ana Escudero, Coia Torres.