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VIVARIUM comes out from a reflection about the way society eats. Eating is not only about plate and us, eating is also about a third element, the environment. This is why I thought that as a designer I could do something to change the way people eats and, at the same time improve our planets future.

A healthy body needs quality food in suitable amounts. The intake of protein and other nutrients is vital. Today a lot of animal protein is consumed. The problem is that livestock activities are highly polluting and croplands take up a lot of space. Besides in 2050 world population will increase up to 9 billion people and at the same time food production will have to increase too. A possible solution to this problem is a diet that includes insects. Insects can be the protein of the future!

VIVARIUM is a system that enables people a sustainable source to cultivate their own protein at home, using insects as food.

This product is designed for people who care about having a balanced diet, interested in the subject of the sustainability and willing to try something new.

The intention of VIVARIUM is to reach a significant audience in order to encourage the intake of insects reducing the consumption of meat.


Grow your own food concept

Category: Product design | Global design